The Big Picture




Two shots from The Big Picture at Gallery 314 on Main Street in Kutztown. There are close to 6000 elephant prints on this 47′ wall. The sculpture in the second shot was made by Peter Jon Snyder. I was thrilled that local art critic Ron Shira wrote in the Reading Eagle: “a powerful show – not to be missed”.

If you did miss it I have good news! The Big Picture will be on exhibit at Alvernia University starting on February 16 with Peter Jon Snyder’s sculpture – the one in this photo and possibly some others!


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  1. Norene Miller says:


    I am a writer for Voices, the teen section of the Reading Eagle. Our June 30th edition is about artists who help raise money for a cause. I selected to write about your project and I was wondering if I could speak with you. I do not know if this will even reach you, but I certainly hope it does. If you do read this and would wish to contact me, please contact the email I am using to write this comment.

    Thank you,
    Norene Miller

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