8118, 8119, 8120



what to write…

today is earth day – earth day – elephant day – the same thing

I am a little bit behind on elephant production – the sale of elephants is not quite covering the cost of supplies yet – but it will come in time.

Many elephants are out on the road this month – three days worth (297 elephants) are on display at the Art Deska Gallery in Phoenixville and another 297 at Studio B in Boyertown. In September I will have an installation with about 4,500 elephants at Gallery 314 in Kutztown, on a 60’ long wall.

This is what the installations look like (this one is in my studio and is 4′ x 7′ – 297 elephants).


One thought on “8118, 8119, 8120

  1. Riva DiCintio says:

    LOVE your elephants! I would like to buy some, but cannot figure out how to get the prints into the shopping cart. DUH! I am old and not too web literate!
    I can get down to Boyertown, or to Goggleworks, if you are there at certain times.

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