2802, 2803, 2804…

I made it through the first four weeks. Last week I ran out of paper and by the time it got here I was behind by a couple of days. I can’t let that happen again – it was so hard to get caught up!

I’m mostly using 130 lb. Arches En-Tout-Cas Watercolor Paper Roll which is hot press on one side and cold press on the other. I paint the backgrounds with a variety of waterbased paints and inks and print the elephants with gouache – Winsor Newton, Graham’s and Holbein – because of the brilliant saturated color. Some are also ’embellished’ with markers before being stamped on the back and numbered.

There are so many incredible elephant stories but my current favorite is the story of Lawrence Anthony who rescued a herd of elephants in KwaZulu-Natal and wrote The Elephant Whisperer. In this youtube video, his widow tells of the herd’s awareness that Anthony had died and traveled to his home to mourn his passing.


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