1303, 1304, 1305

I was going to write about an elephant called Torn Ear who was killed with poisoned arrows a few days ago… But, this morning I found this photo a friend posted on my Facebook page:


and it reminded me of some other elephants in desperate situations that influenced my decision to head down this path (to make 99 elephants a day for a year).

I’ve always loved elephants! I love their feet, the sounds they make, the way they look when they run! their wrinkly skin and  the things they can do with their trunks!  And this is just what I love about their appearance.  At first glance this elephant is doing something cute – it comes from a website that posts silly pictures of cats and whatnot. But take a step back and you see that this elephant is hugging itself with it’s eyes closed – cocooning – shutting out the desolate barbed-wire enclosed area where it is standing and the world it lives in…

In the late 70s I went to the Philadelphia Zoo and made a point of dragging my friends to the elephant house. I can vividly remember the room with two elephants behind heavy bars and one of them was chained to the floor! This memory still leaves me speechless. I went back to the Philadelphia Zoo with my daughter’s scout troop  around 2001 and the elephants can now be seen coming and going from their house which is private, to an outside area. But I do not believe that we still need zoos (if we ever did) to learn about animals. We have the internet.

In the early 80s, when I was living in the South, an elephant in California got loose and trampled it’s trainer. I just Googled California elephant tramples trainer and got “About 2,950,000 results (0.42 seconds) “. It’s incomprehensible and I don’t really want to go looking for the exact incident among so many. It’s just too depressing.

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